Summer Sweeties

Summer 2011 was amazing for our little family. It was busy with projects (graded yard, built fence, treehouse etc) and it was hot!! A lot of our time was spent in the kiddie pool. I rigged up a 'water slide' for the kids, using our little 4ft play structure with the slide into the pool and a hose to make it 'super fast'.... great fun!!

Here are the girls 'helping' Daddy build the fence.

Amaya & Kiara went berry picking with Grandma Dennis.

Jucika at 20 months.

It was a great summer. The girls all went to Brandon for a week while Jon & I flew to Halifax. Everyone had a GREAT time! The twins went overnight to G&G Tieszen's farm in the valley - and got to ride a horse, and see all kids of animals. They really enjoy it there.

Fall is turning out to be just a busy.

The twins are in Creative Dance Class once a week.

The girls are posing on their 'black mermaid rocks'... they often ride their bikes there and play... you guessed it 'mermaids'.

The twins are in Nursery School again this year, just once a week. Jucika has been able to attend Nursery School a few times already as well, as I have been taking their class photo's this month. She blends right in, and the teacher's agree she is already ready for school!! I guess that is what two older sister's can do for you!
Amaya 4 years old.

Kiara 4 years old.

Well... I think that is it for know, hopefully I will post more often. Life is just so busy, as you can tell... and it's just going to get busier!! ;)


Spring is just around the corner :)

Hello 2011 :) Hello Spring!!!

Even though the mornings are pitch black when my husband leaves the house for work in the morning - I have oddly been very excited for spring. Bah-hahaha! You say? SPRING?? lol I know - It's crazy... but it feels like Jon & I have entered a new season in our life. :) There are many reasons for this, and I am going to share just a few them with you... but perhaps I will expound on them in a later post.... as my time is limited this morning.

1. We are FINALLY finished our house :) I commented to Jon that it feels like we moved in this week!! Even though we have been living in our home for 16 months... we have completed it to the point that most people receive their house in when they purchase it!! lol... a few key things like trim, working bathrooms, kitchen cupboards, and deck railings were all missing when we moved in to our home last August! But I am happy to report that we are now down to weekend projects and summer yard landscaping ! woo hoo!! There fore =) I am really looking forward to SPRING!! and it feels like it is just around the corner!

2. With the major projects of our home being complete - I feel like we can finally stop looking IN at our own life, our own stress and begin to open our lives to care more greatly for others. It feels like this HOUSE has been a huge blocker in our life ministry to others - and we are excited to put it all behind us, stop spending every spare moment on a huge building project and start spending time with people again.

3. Spring Cleaning! I know it's an forgotten treasure - but I have begun to do spring cleaning, starting with our room this week - of course my Birthday Party this weekend has also spurred me on - but it feels good to just get the junk out of my life! - and out of our room!!!

4. Grass Pots - lol- WHAT?? Grass Pots? hahahah! I saw the impulse items at the till.. and I of course picked one up for each of the girls. It's a cute little ceramic painted pot, and like a Chia Pet, you put seeds on it, and it grows beautiful green grass! Yes - this silly little impulse item has me looking towards spring.

I feel that there is also a new spiritual awakening in my life that, like spring - has begun to show it's face in little ways. There is a warmer breeze, buds beginning to peek out after the long winter. It's a wonderful thing to feel a change in this way - and I encourage you to look for signs of spring in your own faith - newness, fresh beautiful new things appearing in your life. What are they?

Well... I need to get off the computer and be productive now :) but before I go - here are some 'new' pictures of the girls. They were taken in November 2010.

Amaya - 3 1/2 years

Kiara - 3 1/2 years

Jucika - 10 months


few pics


Jucika Nyota Star

Jucika was born January 7th, 9:08am, 9lbs 12 3/4oz

Our first family photo

Jucika is 3 days old here and in the next few pictures.

Resting in her Father's Hands


Our Growing Family

Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

It's hard to belive that Amaya & Kiara are already 2 years old!!


Kiara is getting really good at dressing herself, and often puts her shirt and pants on the correct way.

Amaya is incredibly active, climbing, dancing and running all around the house, usually chasing Kiara!

They both are into imaginative play, and their vocabulary is AMAZING!!

The cutest thing I think they are doing right now is - saying 'look at me', grabing your face with both hands, and saying 'don't touch'. I wonder who they hear that from? lol

We've had trouble with biting, and hitting already - but fortunately for the girls, they will learn these lessons very quickly - as they each get hourly reminders!

They aren't quite sure what to think of us having another baby. I think once they move into their new carseats, at the BACK of the van, see the baby's carseat set up, and the crib - it might become more real - but right now the baby's room is full of boxes we haven't unpacked. the basement is ALMOST done, we're painting and installing cork flooring in the office. Carpet quotes are in and hopefully by the new year, we'll have a comfy kid safe area for the girls to play!

Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Just 5 weeks to go!!

We haven't even looked at baby names yet!! YEESH!!

someone asked me '-so how are you preparing differently for this baby, than the girls?'

I relplied with 'we're not!' lol - it's amazing how busy we've been with this house. Perhaps this Christmas we'll slow down enough to 'prepare' ourselves for this baby!!

Enjoy your holiday season!!


Congrats to Darrell & Jess!!

Hooray for Darrell & Jess!!!
We can't wait to meet Mary & Martha!!
Jon & I are so thrilled for you guys!! I'm sure we'll have double pink of anything you may need!!
love you guys!!



The girls got these SWEET Teddy Bears from Grandma Great! THANKS!)

Opening their stockings this morning!

It was just Jon & I and the girls this Christmas morning. Amaya & I got sick Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. We postponed Christmas with the Tieszen's until tommorrow. but we had a lovely day recovering today. We opened our stockings... and napped the day away. Tonight Jon & I enjoyed a fire and hot chocolates as we wrapped gifts for tommorrow's Christmas celebreation. It really did feel like Christmas eve today... and I am excited for our Christmas tommorrow.. . even if it really is 1 day behind!! It's what you make of it - not what day it falls on!

Merry Christmas!


Lady Bug & Bumble Bee - Formal Portraits

OK - so I finally took some more 'formal' shots of the girls dressed up in their costumes. This may be repetative for some of you... but just shut-up and enjoy the cuteness!

Kiara - the Bumble Bee

Amaya - The Lady Bug

Could they be any more perfect??

Lady Bug & Bumble Bee

I tried really hard to get a picture of the girls together... but you'll have to imagine how cute they were together!

I love how cute they looked playing in these outfits all day!
We went to see Daddy at the office (no pictures though) and had a playdate with our coffee group. We went to the radio station to visit friends there... and had our first taste of halloween candy! It was a great day!!

Here are some of the kids from our coffee group!
Madison - Monkey
Amaya - Lady Bug
Morgan - Pumpkin
Kiara - Bumble Bee

Kiara & Amaya

Kiara & Amaya
Here are my beautiful Girls!! They are exactly 6 months old here... and looking super cute!!